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Hello from Dalzell, SC


mustang eddie:
First time on the Forum and it feels good! I just got my second Mustang, and early 65 or 64 1/2 and for me she is great! Will need a lot of work and TLC but I always wanted one and never could quite afford it, so I did some work on another Stang a 71 mach I for it... Pulled rebuilt and reinstalled the engine a 351C for the guy. My first one is a 92 convertable with a 4 banger and, plain white and red interior... This is a project car and I'm sure along the way I'll have questions so I won't let too much of my inexperience shine through. I've included some pics of my car (canvas), I know it looks rough, but to me it's PAYDIRT. I love my stang!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great start! I purchased a project about a month ago. This site has loads of information and A lot of help. Welcome to the group

Welcome to the site. It doesn't look rough its a piece of art :D Looks like mine did i when i brought it home haha.

Its gunna be a beast when its all done. 8)

Welcome to the forum. Good luck for your new project and keep us updated on the progress. ;)


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