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Hello from Bonnie Scotland!

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New to Mustangs and new to this site but I thought I'd say 'hello' from across the water! Got my Mustang about three months ago and I haven't stopped grinning yet!! I don't think there's much, if anything, that beats the sound of that V8 burble! The car's got a great sound system...........maybe I'll switch it on someday!!

 Welcome to the site McStang. It's nice to see there is Mustang enthusiasts in Europe too :)
 I see you were in Canada. Where were you? My wife stayed in Inverness in 2004 with her sea cadet corps while visiting sea cadets all over Scotland. She loved your country and she will be back in 2009.

I took my son and we flew into Quebec for a week-long snowmobile tour in the Laurentian mountains! It was awesome! Fabulous scenery........a bit like here, only with REAL snow!

Don't talk about snow, it's summer and I hate that white stuff  ;D
Do you have any mods in your Mustang other than what we can see?

Hello McStang.  Welcome to our site, and I hope you can enjoy a chat or two with we fellow Mustang owners.  Personally, I am of Scotch/Irish descent, but just consider myself as an American.  I am also a conservative Republican and will be voting for John McCain.  I also own a 65 C code and an 03 Mach I.  Best damn cars on the face of this earth.  If you need help getting parts, let us know. 


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