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Hello Every1

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313 Mustang:
hello every1

am new here & am from the Kingdom of Bahrain "middle east"

after selling my 1990 25th anneversary stang back in year 2000 NOW i have just bought a 2002 Mustang GT conv / AT with 100,000 miles on it.

Before buying the car i have ordered the following parts to make it a fun drive,

1- K&N cold air intake
2- Pyeps x pipe with no catalytic converters
3- 40 seriers delta flow Flowmaster mufflers
4- 3.73 ford racing gears
5- EBC Green Stuff brake pads front / rear
6- Summit Underdrive Aluminum Pulley Kit

so what do ya all think of these parts & am i in the right track? am starting soon to do major service while installing my parts ... any suggestion or advice :)

313 Mustang

sounds good to me. Personally the X pipe, id go BBK. But everything just about on my car is BBK. Its up to you.

I have a BBK X pipe with no cats and my baby sounds great!

You should consider getting a Throttle Body. Check out they got great deals and pretty neat stuff for any stang.

About the only service you can do to the engine is to change out the spark plugs and wires.  The computer takes care of the rest.  Since it is that old, you also might want to flush the cooling system.  Bahrain is not the coolest place in the world.   ;D The rest of what you are doing looks great.  You are on the right track. 

313 Mustang:
Thanx stang98 & soaring for the reply,

yes i do have a plan to flush out all the fluids out the car & replace them, cooling system as well as the thermostat to be changed as well, my engine has no wiers it has coil on plug & yess changing the plugs is in the refreshing plan as well but am gonna stick to the OEM plugs, throttle body 70mm !!! i was thinking howmuch will i get out of that  ??? its a fun drive .. do i need all that power !!! well i guess sometimes  ::)

i will post some of the b4 & after pix as soon i know how to do that here !!!

sound system upgrade is in the plan as well but am now searching the manuals & the internet to check-out how powerfull are my original mach 8 speakers which came with the car so i can know the right power Amplifire to hook it to.

thanx for the advice  .. really appreciated

Plug your digital camera into a USB port on your computer and turn the camera on.  Now, look at the pictures of your car, and remember which number the picture is.  Now come to this post and hit "Reply",
Now, you will see "Additional Options at the bottom.  Hit that and then hit browse, then choose your picture's url from your camera,  and enter that in the box.  Then hit "Post" at the bottom.
If you want to display more than one picture, hit "more attachments" out to the side of the word "browse" before you hit "Post."


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