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My name is Mitchell, i currently own a 1965 mustang fastback, it is currently under restoration and modification it is my first and only car since im only 19. I have owned the car for 2 years and have been working on it for 2 years, the car has been all the way down to just the sub frame, new rear floor, center floor, firewall, rear quarters, new fenders, new doors, lets just say there aren't many things left on my car that are original except for dash, roof, subframe, differential and (5 leaf) rear leaf springs. The 'Stang should be done in about a month. Will post pictures at a later date since im still trying to figure how to do so, any help on post pictures would be helpful.


We have weekly meets here in houston  welcome aboard

Welcome here! Looking forward to those pictures

ill be sure to come out to one of those meets i just got to finish up.

This picture was taken when we transported it from my grandparents house to my house about 2 months ago to paint it in my garage. the color is back to original ivy green.


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