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Hello from Vancouver. Just registered after looking at these forums (lurking?) as a guest for a while. Looking forward to exchanging knowledge & information with other's here on the forum, as I am a long time fan of Mustangs & Shelbys.

I've attached a couple of pictures of my 65 Shelby and my 66 GT Fastback - hope I did the attachments correctly :P


Welcome to the forum. That's a nice stable. What's with top of the 66?

Thanks for the welcome - you have a very sharp eye. That is a dealer installed vinyl sunroof. The car was ordered from a Phoenix dealership and the original owner ordered it with a sunroof. It took me a long time to research this and I finally found a Mustang book with a section dealing with some rare dealer options. The author of the book previously owned this car (I have the title with his name on it) and I think the picture in the book is of my car.

Decoding your username - I'm guessing you must own a 66 GT Fastback K code? If so - that is a very awesome car!


Welcome to the forum.  You have an unusual 66 with a vinyl sunroof.  Stick around and share with us. 

Soaring - thank you. I definitely plan to stick around this forum and would be glad to provide some better photos of the '66. It has some other unusual stuff. I have owned the car since '95 and while it was basically a solid car that ran well & all the pieces were decent - once you got within 30 feet it showed it's age! I kinda struggled with the decision to restore it or leave it (I like unrestored cars). I finished restoring it a couple of years ago - in fact the photo is of the day I picked it up from the paint shop.

I'll post a few more pic's when I get a chance...


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