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Greetings from paradise on the isle of Puerto Rico

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I tried to time it so I would also have the water splashing on the rocks in the background:

 I was just kidding and not upset at all. Your pictures are great and you can post as many as you want  :D
 Right now, it's very warm and humid where I am and close to the weather you have but the water is still too cold for me to swim comfortably.
 People in Guadeloupe have issues with electronics in their modern cars because of the humidity of their climate. Do you have the same problems with your Mustang?

No problem, I knew you were kidding which is why I added the winking smiley.
No I have not experienced any problems with any of my cars here due to the humidity. I have not even heard of that being a problem here. I do know that if you live near or park near the ocean a lot the salt in the air will obviously not be kind to the metal of your car or the electronics.

 Guadeloupe has big mountains always surrounded by clouds so the humidity level must be higher than in your island. It's so bad, even their fridges and washing machines have to be replaced every 4/5 years.

I spent some time on the island of Okinawa, and everything there rusted out because of the salt in the air from the humidity caused by the ocean breezes.  I also spent several years on the main island of Japan and in the Azores.  In both cases, the salt from the ocean breeze wrought destruction to any steel that wasn't heavily covered in paint.
On one hand, I envy folks who can retire on an island and enjoy the beauty of it all, but on the other hand, I think I would miss my family and all the American traditions that come with holidays, etc.   


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