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Greetings from paradise on the isle of Puerto Rico

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My wife and I recently retired and moved to Puerto Rico. Life down here is great. 80 degree weather all year round, the water is nice, their are quite a few Mustang owners here and Mustang clubs in almost every city including an official chapter of MCA. Their are car shows all year round as well :D
Here are a few pics of my baby, a yellow 2001 Mustang GT vert with only 30k miles enjoying life on a beach right down the street from our house here in Isabela PR:


 This is mean. I just came back from a trip to Guadeloupe an island close to Puerto Rico and you come here to tease me with your tropical trees and beaches while I am freezing in Canada  ;D
 Welcome to the forum and I hope to see you again. Don't worry, I like to complain and suffer so you are welcome to post more photos of your Mustang under the Caribbean sun  ;)

Tu Habla espanol, Steve?   ;D  Man what a beautiful scene.  I envy you guys with all that money to be able to live in such a paradise.  Drop by here often to tell us about the shows and such there. 

Hey, it's been awhile. Sorry I have been away for so long.
I have been working hard on my Mustang and will post up a few pics...

Thierry, we are not rich by any means and I certainly didn't mean to upset you or anyone with some pics of my ride here in paradise ;)
I am hope that right now it is a bit warmer where you are though?  ;D

Some new pics I just shot at a few different places near my house in the past few days:


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