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Greetings From Lower Saxony, Germany

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Hallo to everyone in this forum, :)

my name is Stefan (Steven), since June 2007, I´m a proud owner of a new Ford Mustang GT 2007 in redfire.

I was interested in US-Cars since I was a child, especially in Ford Mustang, as I saw the movie "Bullit" with Steve McQueen.

In June 2007 my dream came true and I received my own Stang at the harbour of Bremerhaven, Germany.

No doubt, this is the best and most beautiful car ever in my life! When my wife and me are cruisin´, almost everybody´s looking, what exceptionally car this is!

We only drive, when the weather is fine, never on dry or even on salty streets, to spare our dream.

I´ll never will be sorry to have bought this dream on 4 wheels.

Here is my Redfire-Stang photographed at an us-car-meeting

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself in this forum :)


Hi Stefan, welcome to the forum. Nice Mustang you have, I understand why it would attract so much attention in country. :)
Do you live in Bremerhaven? When I was in the army, I was based in Baden-Württemberg, great country and very friendly people. ;)

Hi Thierry, :)

I thank you for your warm welcome and thank you for your compliments to our country and my Mustang :D

The reason for so much attention is not only picture-perfect Stang, here in Germany is this car extremely rarely in constrast to the US.

I live now in Göttingen, about 200 miles south of Bremerhaven, but we bought our Stang in B., because the importer has his trade there.  In Bremerhaven was a big US-Base in the Carl-Schurz-Kaserne, my cousin worked there as a civilian employee guard until the nineties. Our favourite radio-station was AFN. The best program ever was the American Top 40 with Casey Kasem.

We loved the US-music (like until today KISS) and of course the US-cars, like the Pontiac Trans Am Firebird, my cousin had at this time. Bremerhaven had a large US-car-scene at that time through the G.I.´s based in Bremerhaven. I´m very, very sorry, that this nice time is over.

At last, look at this  :-*

Willkommen im Forum :)
bin auch noch neu hier


--- Quote from: mustang24 on February 02, 2010, 09:37:08 AM ---Willkommen im Forum :)
bin auch noch neu hier

--- End quote ---

Dankeschön, :)

Dir natürlich auch ein herzliches von mir :)


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