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Greetings From Lower Saxony, Germany

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Willkommen Celticone und Mustang24. Ich verstehe ein wenig deutsch aber ich can night schreiben die sprache und ich hoffe sie can schreiben in Englich oder sie fuhlen allein hier. :D

My German sucks so to make sure I will be understood and so every one can understand here is what I meant:

Welcome to Celticone and Mustang24. I can understand German but I can't write it and I hope you can write English or you might feel alone here. :D

We have a Spanish and French section in the forum and no German section but you are more than welcome to use the local discussion boards to write in your own language, others might join you and who knows, I might add a German section later. ;)

I'm ashamed to say that I know very little German.  I spent several years there while working overseas, but about all I could do was to order a beer.  "Ein bier bite."  I could also order some "Essen" because I could read the menus, but not much else.   At any rate, again, "Wilcommen." 

nice license plate

Hi Thierry, Soring, and Areese

vielen Dank für Eure netten Deutschen Worte. I thank you for your nice german words, but Iīm happy to practice a little bit  the world language english. I donīt want to forget, what Iīve learned in school. But when you might add a German section in the future itīs much easier for me and other people from german spoken countrys, thatīs for sure.

Iīve been in Canada with the german army in Shilo, Manitoba, 200 KM west of Winnipeg. The City near Shilo was Brandon. Nice Country, very friendly people there.

Yes, I think you mean the license plate have the letters US on it,  thatīs great, I agree with you!

Greetings to all of you :)

Your licnce plate says GO US, it's even better, was it a coincidence or did you choose to have it?

I didn't know there was exchanges in the army between Canada and Germany. How long did you stay there? I am originally from France and I moved to Canada about 8 years ago so I don't know much about the military here. ;D

For now, I don't think we have more than two German members so it's a bit early to add a German section but if you have anything to say about local US car shows, you are welcome to post messages in German in the European section. That's what it's for and we'll see how it goes later. ;)


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