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Greetings from Bullitt country

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Greetings from the SF Bay Area.

Bought my '10 GT 2 weeks ago.

'10 GT.  Track Package.  Security Package.  Electronics Package.  HID lamps.

Welcome from the bottom of the SF Bay. I helped out radio station KFRC do the registration for their Bullett run back in the mid 90's (so long ago I can't remember the year). They wanted 5000 Mustangs, got about 1500 or so. I watched the participants depart from the Precideo parking lot, then me and my buddy Mike, jumped in my 65 GT Fastback and went to Scoma's for lunch.

Sweet looking ride!  Love the black exterior with red interior. :-D

First of all, that sure is a good looking Mustang.  However, that shifter knob gets hottern' hell during the summer.  I have the same knob on my Mach, and am considering getting one wrapped in leather.  Yeah, I know it won't match my clutch, brake and gas pedals, but I'm tired of putting a glove over it so I can shift without burning my hand.  Nice ride......

I'm usually not for red interior, but on the new Mustangs it looks great.  Welcome to the Mustang forum.


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