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Got My First Mustang Yesterday!!!!!


Hay All,
Just brought home a 2009 GT/CS. This is my first non-4dr family sedan and Iv'e been needing a blunt instrument car to go with my bike(2004 Kaw ZRX1200) Last kid went off to school so it's time for a late mid-life crisis toy. ;D
I drove a couple locally and the first one must have had a worn out clutch or something cause it ran good but just didn't really go much. Drove an immaculate Auto CS but it was just too lame with the Automatic. Drove 150miles to Jersey to pick this up yesterday. Bone Stock with 18kmiles. I didn't have much to compare it to and it seems to run good but I'd like to learn about mods to smooth it out and maybe get better throttle response. Also, maybe suspension upgrades to settle the rear end. If there is anybody around Silver Spring Md, I'd like to meet up and compare notes.
Thanks, Matt


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