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  I'm the new guy on the block but according to Glen (Soaring), I'm older than dirt.
  I'm down to three Mustangs right now, a 66 Hardtop that's the daily driver back-up car ('A' code, AT, console, AM/FM stereo, Style Steel Wheels), a 65 GT Fastback (AT, console, original Style Steel Wheels, beautiful AM radio) and a 66 GT Fastback 289 HP (AT, console, factory original Style Steel Wheels, beautiful AM radio).
  My daily drivers are a 99 Ford E250 Van and a 69 VW Baja.
  Like Glen, I'm retired except I did at age 50. Currently I'm doing some woodworking projects; growing avocados, kiwi fruit and lemons and tinkering with cars.
  The pictures are of my 65 GT Fastback as it appeared as the cover car on a 2000 calendar and my 66 GT Fastback by the same photographer but it has yet to be used in a calendar.
  I've raced NHRA in the mid 60's, off-road in the mid 70's and as a result of my off-road jaunts, decided to not get any more broken bones so it more of 'touring' nature I have with cars.

Very nice collection you have there and the pictures are beautiful. I am also a fan of VW bugs, have you done any baja race with yours?
If you want to share your NHRA race stories, you are welcome. I am very interested  ;D

I helped prepare several VW engines for a local off-road shop in the mid 70's, mostly to work off my bill. The engines were for street VW's, sand rails and a few race cars. Several of my motors raced the Baja and I bit the bullit and did the race in 79 in a Class 5-1600. I sat in the right seat. Never again, even though we finished. I lost 15 pounds and lots of sleep.
As to the NHRA, I had a 64 Fairlane Sports Coupe 289 HP and raced at Lebanon, NY, and the Connecticut Dragway in 1964 and 1965. In early 66, I ordered a 66 Mustang Fastback 'A' code 4 speed and moved to Northern California as jobs in Massachusetts were few and paid low. Been here ever since. I sold my sand rail, trailers (note plural) and my FL-350 Honda Odyssey. As I said before, too many broken bones.

I think you just clarified your credentials Jim.   ;D As you are aware, I am the old new guy too, and this site seems to be the most friendly of all of them.  Let's keep it that way and get all the ones we know to be friendly over here. 

Welcome to the neighborhood.  You're not older than dirt until you're in the dirt.  Did I hear NHRA???  One of the best sports ever known to man, that and hockey.


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