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First time Mustang owner!! Good to be here.

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We just bought a 68 coupe that someone put a 351 in.  Needs minor body work and other cosmetics.  We are in love with it!!!!  Never owned a Mustang before but glad we are in the loop now. 

Welcome to the site.  Pull up a chair and stay awhile.  So, the Mustang bug bit you, huh? ;D  I've had my 65 for many, many years, and I still work on it.  So, you will never finish the car.  What year engine, and is it a Cleveland or a Windsor?   

I was told it was a 70 engine?  Not sure where the casting number is to check myself.  It is a Windsor.  Isn't that the small block, whereas the Cleveland is the big block??  I am learning here. 

The Windsor came out in '69 and the Cleveland came out in 1970, so it could very well be a Clevo, which is the best of the two engines because of the head on the Clevo breathes much better. 

How can I tell which one it is??Thanks for the welcome!!!


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