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Hey my names Angel and im new to the site. I saw that this looked like the most legit site to ask a few questions and get some help for my mustang or mustangs i wanna get. Now I'm looking at a '66 with a (mid 80's somewhere) 5.0L dropped in it. The dude didnt really specify.  But it runs perfect and has been kept in really good condition. Well i love the thing and it looks sick but its automatic and i have a huge problem with that haha. I was wondering if you guys could help me out a bit cause im not really sure where i would start or how much I'd spend or anything. Thank you.

What are your specific concerns? 

Well like how muchwill it all cost me and exactly what do u recommend I do. Also how long would it take me to do it myself

You still haven't answered my question.  What do you want done to it?

well like i said  i hate automatics so i would want a swap to a manual. Also i found a cheaper '66(way cheaper) but the paint is crap so would a paintjob be better? its about 3grand difference and im pretty sure with less than 3 grand i can get a paintjob myself other than buyin an already painted one. And the one with the crappy paintjob is already manual so i wouldnt even need the swap. Also I heard these stangs got trouble with the front end past 100 or 110 cause they start lifting or something so what could i do to fix that? springs? Thank you for responding


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