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Anohter newbie from down under

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Hi all.
only just found this site so thought i'd join, i'll post some pic's if i can just figure out how to post them

Andy  8)
'69 Mach 1 (# matching)

Welcome to the site. looks like you figured out how to post pics.  Nice looking Mustang.  Tell us about it.

Bought her 3yrs ago, ok but not running that well - mostly needed cosmetic fixes and had to rebuild the transmission to get the car registered for road use. Getting an engineers report done to register an imported LH drive car over here isn't the easiest of processes!!!
The photo I finaly figured out how to post was at Hanging Rock car show back in Feb this yr  (  )

I spent several years living and working in Japan, so can understand the difficulties of driving on the wrong side of the road.  ;D  I went to England on vacation one time, and rented a car at the airport and had a difficult time driving on the wrong side of the road too.  Those pictures of the old cars from around the world is amazing.  There are many that  I have never seen.  Thanks for sharing. 

Great looking Mustang. Never tried driving on the wrong side of the road. Although i would imagine it would be kind of difficult to get used to.


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