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a little help


i fell kind of stupid but i cant figure how to upload pics if anyone can help that would b sweet

It's at the bottom of the page, just like this one when you reply or post. It says "Attach:" and a block for your file name, then "Browse", which means that you go to your picture directory and select one. Additional is covered in "(more attachments)". It is best that you "size" your picture first, say 6 X 8 inches or 432 X 576 at 72 dots per inch. Give it a try.

Jim's right..just hit "reply" then look at the left hand bottom of the screen. Follow the directions from there.  Attach......Browse, etc.  I take the pics right off my digital camera without having to re-size them, but if it is from another source, you may have to tone down the size. 


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