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a littel about me and my 1997 cobra


hi my name is Korey, i am active duty military currently in afghanistan. My home station is Ft Hood, tx in Killeen, Tx. i grew up north of Dallas before i joined the army. i bought my 1997 cobra approximately 3 years ago and have been cleaning it up and fixing a few things as i go along, was my daily driver for a little under 2 years. Since i have bought the car i have fixed the drivers side sail panel, the drviers side drip rail, the headliner, the drviers seat frame, center console, shifter boot and bezel, radio and a/c bezel, guage cluster, fuel tank fill neck gasket, and the ratty ass exhaust. as far as things i have upgraded so far, it isnt much, but im getting there. heres a list,.........SPEC 3+ clutch and pressure plate, no cats, o/r x pipe, MIL eliminators, C&L intake, Pro 5.0 short shifter, and H&R sport springs,...........Things to come in the very near future (parts sitting at the house waiting on me to get home from afghanistan),............BBK long tube headers 1 5/8 primaries, Accufab single blade throttle body, MMR 7 quart baffled oil pan, Maximum Motorsports full length weld in subframe connectors, Steeda upper and lower rear control arms(got em for a steal), torque box reenforcments, Maximum Motorsports medium duty torque arm, solid motor mounts, rear end rebuild kit(car has 144xxx miles on it dont want it to explode lmao), and a set of 17 cobra r rims with Mickey Thompson ET streets on them(tires have maybe 4 passes on them, got em for 200 dollars  ;D ), and i think thats about it. i should be uploading some pics as well as some videos of the car here in a few mins if my internet holds out for a while, if you have any more questions please feel free to ask................................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh and one last thing i am looking to buy a set of Comp Cams part number 106400 i really really really really want them, comp said that they would offer them to me for 1100 and some change with my military discount so if they are used they gotta be going for less than that.    thanks again.

Let's see,. in order of importance

Get home safe and soon.
Thank you for your service.
Welcome to the site.
Nice car.

 :) thanks for the warm welcome and the good luck and prayers you send this way


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