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95 supercharged v6

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I spoke to this dude Eric who owns Autobadges. You can see his car at this site, and I also attatched a pic and asked him to join this site. But he thinks cause its a v6 he shouldnt..i told him otherwise. But here is his site and a pic.
   I couldnt help but brag for him!!!!   Arestemred

Erick Valdez:
Didn't expect you to post it but thanks for the compliments :-D

Wow ! this is a beautifull Mustang and it doesn't matter if it has a V6 or V8. The website is called MustangV8 but we are all open minded and also love non V8 Mustangs. We also have 2 forums dedicated to V6 or 4 cylinders Mustangs to prouve it.
If you want to talk more about the modifications you made feel free to do so Autobadges. You can also post more pictures in our picture gallery as we are lacking of Mustang pictures of this generation.

do you have any dyno results. I would like to see what kind of numbers on a hopped up v-6. Also you can prob help on here on v-6 area. please fill free to list all mods to your stang.

welcome to this site and all mustangs are welcome on here ,heck even shelby chargers apair on right Natalie :-D

Erick Valdez:
Right now on a safe tune with stock upper and lower intakes it hits 270rwhp, 280tq.

I just got cut n welded upper and lower intakes...max job of porting and polishing on them that I will be installing..should break 300rwhp extremely easy.  The safe tune was for daily driving and my tuner said it would easily break 300rwhp if he slammed on it but he only went to 5500rpms and bc of the rebuilt and forged internals I could clear 6000rpms easily but didn't want to press my luck on it either.

After I put the intakes and retune it I plan to up it to 12-15psi on the Vortech at the same time I install the 2 Core Procharger Intercooler

I can't list the mods bc they are way to many so please visit site:


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