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94 GT here...want to learn and chat!


  Hey everyone!  I'm new to all this forum stuff.  Picked mustangv8!  ha ha!  Just got a '94 5.0 Conv for my birthday and having tons of fun this summer.  Got a few questions, however.  How to fix the light on the rollbar...anybody know WHERE to find the original tail lights? engine pings (even with premium) on a hot day (am I running it to much or is it the timing?).  Anyway, hope to get some education.  I've always loved Mustangs (mostly for that deep throaty sound and mine sounds totally awesome).  Will still look for that '70 classic.  Nice to be here with friends!
-Tonya :)

Hi, ponygirl and welcome to the site.  You have a very nice looking Mustang.  Welcome to the site, and come back often.  Now, as far as your rollbar light, are you sure you have a factory installed rollbar?  If so, are you sure you have a light on it, because normally rollbars do not have lights.  However, if it does have a light, first check to see if the bulb is good, then use a multi meter to check if voltage is present at the receptacle.  If not, then check all your fuses.  Secondly, you can get original equipment (OEM) tail lights at any Ford company.  Thirdly, your timing is off for the altitude you are running that pony if it is pinging.  If you don't know how to adjust your timing, then take it to a Ford dealer.  They have fancy and expensive equipment to check your computer. 
Again, welcome aboard. 

nm ponygirl:
No, it's not factory installed.  It is a light, but am not sure how to access it (not even sure if it ever did work) but will try to pull it off and check the bulbs, etc.  Looks cool, though, huh! 
Have also tried Ford for the tail lights.  I've found some through ebay and junkyards but they're used.  I could always have them painted to match I guess.
What else?  The pinging.  I took it out tonight when the air was cooler and it ran awesome, so it must have had something to do with it being too hot.  I'll have the timing checked again, though.  Not a mechanic myself, but am learning!

Welcome to the site Ponygirl. This is a very nice birthday gift you got there :)
I have found instructions for the installation of a light bar, you may want to check it to see if everything was connected properly.

--- Quote ---Now that the bar is in the car and bolted down, you will need to connect the wires for the brake light.  You will find the main wiring harness on the driver-side rear seat area, it is a long rectangular box.  After cutting away the black tape, pull out the wires from the box.  You will need to find a red wire with a green stripe ( Solid Green for 1999 & up ) and a solid black wire.  Using the two dark blue connectors, tap into each wire.  Then using the light blue connectors, crimp those to the wire from the light bar.  Plug that into the dark blue connectors.  Test the brake light by depressing brake pedal.  If the light does not work, reverse your connections.
--- End quote ---


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