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93 GT


Well I put a couple of pics in the photo gallery of the car.  I've checked the numbers on the car and it's a true GT, the guy just took the all the GT pieces off of it.  It'll be a GT again, I just have to find a nose and rear bumper cover.  But here's a pic of it.

 It looks like a nice project. How is the body and the mechanic?

rmodel65: for the bumpers covers


--- Quote from: Thierry on September 18, 2008, 09:59:47 AM --- It looks like a nice project. How is the body and the mechanic?

--- End quote ---

It's got a small dent on the driver's rear quarter on the lower half.  Otherwise, it's in good shape.  It's a factory grey interior car, and they were in the process of turning it into black interior but it's just bits and pieces that are black.  The only wrong mechanically is it needs a tranny.  Luckily we have 2 or 3 of those.  Xnutt says he might leave it looking like an LX for now, cuz it doesn't look too bad like that.  We know it's been lowered and it has new struts.  We haven't gotten it home yet, to be able to "crawl" under her and get waist deep in it and see exactly what's up.  But so far what I've been able to look at, it's rust free.  I know it was a Texas car.


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