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  Hey everybody, I own a 73 Mustang convertible. It's really rusty so I'm looking for an
opinion on weather to restore it or sell it for parts. Sorry I am trying to figure out how to
transfer  photos I have on CDs

You have to have a web host such as picture trail, then cut and paste the pics to here. 

          I am going to figure out how a web host works. Maybe I can transfer some ugly pictures after alll.

 A web host won't be any help if you can't upload pictures here  ;) When you post a message you will see a link "additional options" below the location where you write your messages. Then you click on Browse and a window will pop up asking you to locate your file. In the field "Look in:" You have to find where your CD is in your computer. On mine it's called D or E. Double click on the right drive and find the picture you want to upload. Once you have it click OK and your photos will be displayed with your post when you submit it. Let us know if you have any problem.

Thanks for the advice. I will see if this works.

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