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73 Mustang convertible

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It worked great.  There is more than one way to skin a cat.   ;D   I can relate to your present restoration process.  Here's mine from 10 years ago.  So, even though it may look hopeless right now, it is a really fun project that will wile away many many  hours of your free time.  Beats the hell outa watching TV.   ;D

 We can't see much on the photo you posted but it doesn't seem too bad. Cars in worse condition have been restored and it would be better to save it than parting it out. If you can't do the work yourself it could be very expensive to have it done by professionals. I hope you or someone else will save this Mustang from the junk yard :)

Yeah, from what I can see, there isn't any rust.  Maybe the fenders and hood were rusted, but that can be replaced easily. 

I purchased this car 3years ago and it must have sat unprotected for years. The photo I submitted doesnt truly show 
how much rust is on the car. The floor is gone on the drivers side and the passenger side frame rail is shot. I have been slowly removing the interior or whats left of it. And am getting ready to remove the drive train. I have been taking alot of photos to keep track of how it should go back together. My one concern is parts availability. I wood like to restore this car to original as the car came with the original engine/tranny. I've seen some replacement parts like fenders in catalogs but I don't want foreign sheetmetal that needs tweeking to fit. So I guess I'll have to find some parts from southwest auto junkyards. Anyway your opinions are appriciated. And I will continue working on restoring as I determined.I'll send photos as I progress.

Mark, as you have noticed, your picture was somehow deleted.  We are working on resolving that problem so bear with us.  Please submit the pic again, and any other pics you may have such as the rusted out floor pans.  Good luck with the rebuild.  It takes a true mustang enthusiast to do what you are doing. 


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