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73 Mustang Convert. CJ 4-sp original

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My 73 Mustang CJ 4-sp loaded

Welcome to our forum Arpadge. You have a very beautifull Mustang but I am afraid to tell you that it's not an original CJ. The Cobra Jet package was discontinued in mid 1971. Anyway, it appears to be in perfect condition and I hope you will tell us more about this nice convertible.

more pics more pics. you know me I like the 71-73's take pics of the motor

Thanks...This an original 73 "Q" code 4 barrel 351 still called cobra jet but not as many HP as the 71. I am the second owner and has the original paint. It also has just about every option PW,tilt,AC, int wipers,comp. suspension.

Jerry Baker:
Very Nice.  I know you said its a CJ but could it be the same as the 71 351 boss?   They put the 351 boss in the 71 and in 72 but it had less compression then the 71.  I would say that some may have went in the 73.  The CJ's have it stamped on the motor.  Not sure the spots but that would end all that.

Still one nice car would love to see more photos of it


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