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Just new on here. This is a 69 Mach One clone that I just bought and plan to use for daily driver in the Summer Months!

Hi There
Very nice. I do like this shape. Gonna be my next buy eventually.

I absolutely love the red. Sure is beautiful  ;)

And welcome!

Welcome to the site.  Tell us what you have for a power plant. 

351 cleveland with edelbrock 4V. Has MSD ignition, headers, and dual exhaust. Supposed to bave a p inch posi rear, but I think it is 8 inch, and not sure on the posi yet....I am not sure how to tell on these Fords yet! It has   an auto tranny, I think it is C-4. I do not have it on the road just yet. Still need top work out some lighting and electrical issues to get it inspected!


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