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Just bought this 68 coupe. This is my first Mustang and my first car. My grandpa and I are in the process of fully restoring it. Since the photos we have not done much except lift it in the back a few inches because the tires were hitting with any weight in the back. Only problems I've noticed for the 3 days that I've notcied is the tires hitting (which we, as far as we know, fixed), the headlamps occasionally flick off at night, only sometimes do the turn signals work, and whoever did the current paint job did not do the best (its only a few year old paint job and already has some spots rusting through). I should have a few more pictures up in the next few days. Any suggestions?

Yes, go to the Mustang of the Month section, and enter her in the contest.  Nice looking Mustang........

ty and will do

very nice car. as for the problem with the lights going off try replacing the in-dash headlight switch it might be bad. and while your at it you might as well do the hi-beam switch on the floor at the same time. good luck.

Good advice, but also clean up the grounding points.  Rust will make the ground wires not make good contact. 


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