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2007 Shelby GT Mustang


Morning all.

Brand new to the Mustang forum and wanted to say "Hello" to everyone. This is my first "real" Mustang (owned a 1984 POS Mustang - which doesn't really count) and I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can about the car and getting involved with the groups in my area.

Any helpful hints or suggestions you can offer to the "nube" would be appreciated.

Thanks everyone!

get an off road hpipe and slp cat back as the first project::)

welcome to the site

No, you have to offer up 16 virgins and a new 2009 Snake Mustang to each of the members on here before you can join this prestigious site. We just don't accept anyone, 'ya know.  ;D

welcome friend i also new and i haven't give the virgins lol u have a gt is not shelby but some day i am upgrading my car  and is grey and want to put black stripes, looking at your car gives me the idea of put the black stripes congratulations on your new ride and welcome again

i meant you have a shelby but i don't sorry   


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