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2006 Mustang w/20's

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first time Ford owner. Have been a chevy freak for 20+ years. When the retro Mustang came out, I was actually helping my mother in law with deciding on a vehicle purchase and when I looked at the new Mustangs, I knew I had to have one.

Fresh off the showroom floor.

rear view.

Great choice you made. The last generation is for me the best Mustang ever produced since the glory days of the first generation.
I also love the wheels you installed. Was it a straight fit or did you have to make any modifications to install 20' rims? Did your mother in law get a Mustang too?  ;-)

I was not really sure 20's would look right on the new stangs but you made the right choice in style. looks great ,so what is next for your stang, tinted windows, stripes maybe. keep us informed.


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