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2002 GT at the beach in Puerto Rico


There is only one thing that attracts more attention than a beautiful convertible Mustang parked at the beach...

one with vertical doors :D

Yeah, yeah, I know, it is a totally stupid mod but in all fairness I got it done for almost nothing as the guy owed me a favor and besides I think it's kinda cool and it is my car so deal with it  :P  :D


I've never been a fan of Lambo doors, but it's your car. 

Yeah I know, most people seem to either love or hate vertical doors, but the cool thing about these is that are scratch built custom hinges.  Besides I can still open my doors the "normal" way as well so no one can even tell I have the fancy hinges, that is until I lift the doors up  :)


Well, if you have a double hinge, then I guess I'll forgive you.   ;D


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