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1st Mustang swap in KZ

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Hi everyone!

Just finishing my 302 swap and Holley 4BBL conversion on my SN-95 (ex 3.8L, AODE)...
I guess I'm the only one who did it at my location)
87'Cougar XR-7 5.0 with AOD as a donor...

My mods:
1986 302 block replace
Sealed Power Speed Pro Hypereutectical pistons (CR 9.49:1)
Nascar Performance / Perfect Circle rings
Nascar Performance / Clevitte 77 bearings
Hardened black performance pushrods 6.272"
New timing cover for mech.fuel pump
S.A.Gear HD Double Row Timing kit
Procomp, 6 PSI HV Mechanical Fuel Pump 80GPH
Ford Mustang 4BBL aluminium intake
Holley 750CFM Street/Strip, 3310-4 (3310C), vacuum secondary
Chrome air filter, noname
ROL Gasket set
Fox Headers + Simota fiberglass header wrap
Handmade dual 2x2" exhaust
Procomp PC7000 dizzy
Procomp PC-91 coil
Procomp CDI Ignition box
Procomp 10.2 mm wires
Stock heads/cam/roller lifters (302 code F)
Anchor engine mounts (for SN-95 5.0)
AOD (1987)

Now it runs but need some adjustment for carb and TV Cable.

Some photos/video/sounds are coming soon...

And one photo before swap:

Welcome. Where's "Cazzostan"? I know "Borat" is a comedian but we have so many here in the USof A, both in entertainment and politics, that it's difficut to keep track of (or even care about) them.

Welcome also, but from my understanding cazzostan is not a country or even a proper name of an actual place.

Cazzostan is a mispell :)
Just a joke...

I'm from Kazakhstan, but I'm russian ::)

I think that my Mustang is only one carbureted Mustang in this country 8)

possibly so do u know how that mustang found its way out there?


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