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Hello, i am new to the forums but it looks like a solid site. i have a 1966 mustang coupe, winbleton white right now. i purchased this a while back and have only lately had the time and money to start working on it. i am working on an entire rear end swap because the original got ripped out and replaced with a newer foxbody one. i have a new housing axle differential and drivetrain that i got off of craigslist out of another 66 and its a 9 inch 29 spline (cant remember gears off the top of my head) i have a rear disc brake kit that i am planning on installing along with a new dual bowl master cylinder. i need to get some 5 lug wheels for the new axles which is no problem. i need some help as i am pretty much a novice when it comes to brake systems and rear ends so any help is appreciated. shes been sitting for a while and i need to change the oil and radiator fluid because i started it up recently and the radiator boiled over. it has the i6 200 cubic in it but i want to drop something else in there later down the road once i have a better understanding of these classics and motors and whatnot. i have a fair amount of tools but not a full garage and i can buy whatever i need with no problem. any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated thanks.
appoligies if i sound like i have no idea what im doing, im 17 and this is my first car, i really want to make ths my baby and one day take it down to the dragstrip

Joe AZ 2 PA:
We were all 17 and working on our first car at one point in time. Check out the tech. section on this site for a starter and track down any locals that have been working on cars for awhile. They will be more than happy to share their triumphs and failures with you. Also check on line for what others have done or ran into. Good "how to" books are worth the ime to read and save. Take your time since it's not a DD. . . .  8)


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