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I'm new to this forum and am always looking to find out more about classic Mustangs.  This is my 2nd '65 Mustang Fastback (originally a Camaro guy) and I'm looking forward to getting her done.  I'm going to drive it this summer to get all the kinks out, then send it to the body shop for paint and stripes with new interior later this year...hopefully.
I've got a couple pics of it now, but check out my web page and see my finished proposal.

I collect H.O. slot cars and drink lots of beer as my hobbies.  If anyone has HO slots stuck up in their attic and want some $, send me an email.  There are lots more pics of this car with progress, proposals, etc. and of my Ranger on the link below.

Hey FBGT.....Welcome to the site.  What do you mean it needs a paint job?  You could brush your teeth in that shine. ;D

Welcome to the site looks good

yeah seriously i see nothing wrong with the paint haha i wish mine had that nice of a paint job

It's amaizing how good it looks in the pics, because seriously its a 10-footer.  If you got up close, you'd say "this needs body & paint BAD!"


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