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Jeff from Bend, Oregon here,

I have owned my first Mustang for about a year and a half, always owned GM cars but decided to buy a classic that had been stored for 20 years by a friend. The car is a 1967 convertible that is very sound and solid. It is a great driving car with still lots of work ahead to bring her back...Enjoying working on her. As time goes on I have a new found appreciation of Mustangs in spite of being a true lover and former owner of two classic Camaros. I really like my car and am looking forward to being able to drive her more often.


I have owned GM cars off and on in my early days, but not anymore.  I have found that the Mustang is the most reliable car that can be built by an American automaker.  Since Toyota has been "discovered", and others are not any better, I will always be a Mustang lover until I'm 6 feet under.  Sure, you can spend thousands of dollars for high dollar foreign cars, but they won't get you down the road any faster or more efficiently than a MUSTANG.   ;D  As far as trucks are concerned, I have owned Dodge and Chevy trucks, and I have owned Ford trucks.  The Ford F series takes the prize in all categories.  What I am most proud of, is that Ford didn't take out the bailout money, but still stayed in business making a quality product without government intervention.   


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