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Get your car in a Movie


Hey Everyone,

Wanted to share some info on here,
The get your car in a movie contest for the movie born to race.
Contest is now up and going!

Watch the promo video and get all the info you need.
This movie is going to be a great experience to be in.
It will NOT be supporting street racing and it will be in theaters later in 2011.

This is open to all cars and you will see it posted in many forums.

Positive support is much appreciated.
Real racing, Real cars... Real movie!!

Good luck to you all

Welcome to the site.  Thanks for sharing that information. 

Thank you.

Hi, I also wanted to share my own car in a video. I'll upload a care video and i wish, i can win this contest. These are really awesome and i hope you will also like my care video. Thanks for sharing great info.


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