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V6 swap to V8


I have a 2002 Auto 3.8L V6 with over 100k Miles. My friend has the engine of a 98 GT with a 4.6L V8. My car is still in very good shape and I have spent alot to keep it that way. Roughly how much would it cost to do the swap if I am getting the engine free and labor is going to very cheap also? Also would it be cheaper/more expensive to switch to a manual trans? I would really like to keep my car but if the cost is too high then I will sell. Please help...

in all honesty it would be cheaper to buy a will basically need to strip his car of all the electronics and install them on his car

as for going with an manual tranny you gotta add in the cost of the swap parts

I agree with RModel.  Going through all that trouble with the swap wouldn't give you much in return.  Sell the V6 car and look for a clean GT in the price range you can afford.  You will save some money in the long run and have a car set up for the V8 from the factory. 


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