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swap a v8 5.4 F150 motor to v6 mustang 01???

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Can it be done??? what i'll need to do??? it be better the same year as the car?

first of all you bought a v6 big mistake, second you will probaly have to replace all the drivetrain the torque of the 5.4 will f*** it all up then you will have to replace the frame because the frame of a v6 will bend like a penis running into a brick wall so this is a very bad idea and the 5.4 is a huge beast motor so it wouldnt fit.

im not sure if the v6 and 4.6 share a common K member  if so you can use it then you will need motor trans and a rear end

are you wanting to make a 2000 cobra r clone?? the engine does fit 69fast it was installed in 32v configuration in the 2000

yeah you can do it, its possible I dont think you will actually have to replace all the frame really. Just you will need most likely a new harness, computer, and a decent amount of other things. But thats just too much work should of just bought a v8 2, 3, or a 4v.

If it were a classic going to a V8 from a straight 6 it would take a lot of money and time to do it, but it would possibly be worth it in the end.  However, a V6 going to a V8 in a modern Mustang is pointless.  The car is basically depreciated and will never be worth much anyway.  Just sell the V6 and get yourself a V8 at a fraction of the cost it would take to convert. 


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