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matching numbers


i got a 65 mustang an my dad is buggin me on checking if the vin # match soo here it goes

engine block vin #
eomoco is on the block

marked on water pump

the cars vin #

Hello, and welcome to the site.  I assume you are asking if you have a numbers matching 65 Mustang.  There were no numbers matching 65 Mustangs except for the K codes.  What you have is an "A" code which is nothing more than a 4 barrel carbed 289. 
In order to have a numbers matching Mustang, you would need the VIN stamped onto the block of the engine, and onto the transmission and rear end.  That didn't happen in 1965.  So, tell your dad that you do not have a way to prove that is the original engine for that car.  The C60e block number seems to indicate a 1966 engine, and the water pump C80e seems to be a 1968 pump.  So, you see, it appears you don't have an original at all.  Just enjoy what you have.   

You have to look at the VIN too... the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and see if the proper parts/options and paint colors are in place if you are looking for a concourse car. That number you gave is for a 1965 engine that came out of a Ford Falcon (not a Mustang).

A point about Mustang engines, the first engine cast specifically for a Mustang was for the Boss 302 in 1969. Ford's casting part numbers indicate the initial car line that the casting was made, not the final application. Small block (289CID) engines for 1965 were all cast with p/n C5AE-6015-E, a full size Ford design. In 1966 because of demand for small block engines, Ford added more casting capacity with an upgraded block under p/n C6AE-63015-C, again a Full size Ford design. These were 6 bolt to the bell housing engines, the 5 bolt types were C3AE (non-Mustang) or C4OE used into some early 1965 build Mustangs.

Well, in my opinion, it is better that you do not search for the genuineness of the engine as there is no way you could figure that out. Convince your dad about the fact that the VIN stamp did not happen until the sixty fives and that there was no way one could figure out whether this is genuine or not. Just enjoy with what you have and if you do not feel any satisfaction with the current engine, go for a V8!


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