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I Pod conncetion

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Can anyone give me some advice on how to set up my ipod to play music in my 2006 mustang gt.

plug it in in the center console, press the am/fm button, then press the button across from it, I believe it is labeled as "aux" until the display says "line-in".

My 2006 mustang has no place to plug in the ipod, do the newer 2007+ models have a plug in? That is why I am having trouble. I am wondering if i need to purchase another component.

You're sure? I guess it's possible. In mine if you look in the center console there is a second cigarette lighter plug in (with a little plastic cover on it) and next to that a little audio input jack. Look carefully but I guess it's possible that yours doesn't have one.

Thank you for your help, but a friend said that only the 2007+ models came out with the connection!


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