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i need the smallest engine for mustang 1966?


hello, can you please tell me what engines out there that i can swap my 6v to lower?

i want to make fast but not too much,  about 2000cc.


The smallest engine you can put into a 1966 Mustang is the I-200 straight six cylinder.  In order to put in a 4 banger, you would have to change out the transmission and the rear end in order to accomodate the 4 banger.  With the changing out of the motor mounts, bellhousing, transmission and some alterations of the driveshaft and rear, you don't stand a chance of making any progress towards saving money in the cost of gas over the long haul.  Stick with the I-6 200

you can install a mustang 2 front end setup and run a 2.3 turbo or 2.3N/A but theres no fun in that


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