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Engine Swap from V6 to V8


Hey I could really use some good advice. I have an orange 2004 3.8 V6 stang and I want more power behind the wheels. Ive already put some money into it making it look like a show car, so i dont wanna sell it and buy a GT. So what would be best, to do an engine swap for a 4.7, or to drop some money and soup up my V6.  How much would it cost to do an engine swap, and what else would need to be done to it?

 Some tuners managed to get much more horse power with a V6 than what a V8 offers with the help of a compressor, NOS or turbos but you can't have the sound and torque of a V8 and you will never get the same mileage with a beefed up V6 than with a V8.
Unless you have a wrecked V8 Mustang sitting in your yard, it will not be cheap to swap from a V6 to a V8. The V8 is heavier so you will need to replace the suspensions and with the increase of power, the transmission and the rear end might not last very long. You will also have to replace the computer and all the wiring.
If some day you decide to sell it you will probably not get the money you invested in it.
If you spent a lot of time and money to make it a show car you might be able to sell it a good price and buy a nice V8 Mustang for cheaper than modifying your V6 one.
Do you have any photos of your car to show us?

Here is an article explaining how to swap engines. The photos are missing but the text will give you an idea of the work:

I have an 08 v6 and was thinking about a swap to the v8. Around how much would it be?

A swap on a 2008 Mustang? You would have to forget about your warranty and it would cost big bucks if you install a 2008 V8 and parts. Sell your Mustang and buy a V8 one, it will be easier, cheaper and safer.

I have done the engine swap and after $650 for the donor car, rebuilding the engine, tranny and rear end along with the suspension, steering and all the little necessities so far has cost me over $10,000. thats so far. I still have a ways to go before it is complete. It should be one fine machine when done and it does run good now but still haven't been able to drive it yet. I should have one hot little Falcon with a 289-4bbl. Edelbrock intake and carb. Bored out .060 and high volume oil pump, chrome kit and oil pan. New dist., starter, alternator, solenoid and all the accessories that hook to it. After paying a couple of thou. for the car in the first place then redoing it with new Cragar Star wheels and tires it is easy to put $20 into a classic car.  I just liked the Falcon's better than the mustang but now they have come out with a fantastic Mustang 08.  If you have the extra bucks just go and buy a V8. Much cheaper and all is perfect in it own place. You don't have to make anything.  I just wanted to have something that I and I repeat (I) did completely, paint and all.  Not perfect but it is all mine. I tried to add a pic but mine are too large.


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