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90 fuse 4 not working??HELP!!!!!!!


can any one help me i went to turn on my headlight last week and theY came on then insted of leaving them on i turned them off and then quickly back on and to my surprize they dont work any more? the dome light is out, the parking lights are out ,the radio is out,the mirrors are out,the dash lights are out,blinkers work,brake lights work and it seem all fuseable links work(tested with a light) but from fuse 4 i get no power into the fuse?  im lost...any one have this problem......
mine is a 90 4 banner auto nothing special but now i cant drive it at!

If all fuses are good, it probably comes from the wiring harness. You will need to find a wiring diagram for your car and start from there or check all connections from the battery to the fuse box. A multi meter would also be easier to use than a light  :)

You need resistance readings as well as amps/volts readings so a multi-meter is what you need to check that wiring harness.  I have used my wiring diagram that I bought several years ago more than I care to remember.  Those two tools are absolutely necessary if you are going to repair your own car. 


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