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88 tc turbo upgrade. Need help


I just purchased a t3/t4 to4e for my 88 thunderchicken because the stock t3 went up. I want too put a whole new exhaust in but not sure on what size . I also wanted too know what wastegate and bov i should use with my turbo it is a T3 T4 T04E Turbocharger, .50 A/R Compressor, .63A/R Turbine, 3" Inlet, 2" Outlet
T3 Flange, 5 Bolt Downpipe Flange. I'm very knew too this so any help would be appreciated. Also should i upgrade the fuel pump and bigger injectors? im shootin for a little more power than the stock 190. say around 250 too 275.

id run 3inch exhaust from the turbo back. id imagine your gonna need some 36 or more likely 42lb injectors. for the bov i couldnt tell you. the turbo doesnt have an integral wastegate? fuel pump id go ahead and put in a 255lph pump that way you have adequate flow for more upgrades also check out they have stuff for the turbo 4's


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