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88 4cyl engine swap

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i have a 88 mustang with the 2.3l 5 speed. i am swaping the 2.3 for a 302. my question is that i am going to also convert it to carb, what all will i need to do to it to make this work (example: fuel,emmisions, drivetrain)? this car will be used as an everyday driver and also a street strip beast. i just need the emissions for right now to pass e-check after that i plan on taking it off, so i need a removable system is there such a thing? any comments would be appreciated!!

I have found an article explaining this kind of conversion but it might be cheaper for you to sell your 4 cylinder car and buy an original V8 Mustang. You will also never get the same value with a modified 4 cyl than with a V8 Mustang if you sell it in the future.
V8 conversion

honestly one of the best ways to go about this swap would be to pick up a complete v8 car. swap all the v8 stuff install a carb, intake etc if it was a fuelie motor and fire it up imho you can do the swap for less than 1k

It doesn't matter if you are going from a 65 I6 to a V8 or from an 80 something 4 or 6 to a V8, the engine is not your problem with the switch.  It's the chassis and all the other components involved to make it a V8 car.  Start with a V8 car and chassis to begin with. 

Sounds to me that you already have the 4cyl car and are wanting to turn it into a v-8 car.  It's really not that hard.  Xnutt has done it a couple of times for some friends of his, I'll have him come on here and explain exactly what you need to do without having to get a v-8 car!


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