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88 4cyl engine swap

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I'm guessing here, but I wouldn't think the same components would apply with your Firebird V6 to V8 conversion.  Maybe we can do some research to see what it takes to go from a v6 to a v8 Firebird. 
On Edit:  I came up with this link Thierry.  Not sure what year your bird is, but this ought to be enough information to get you to thinking if you want to make the change or not.  BTW, most of the guys on those Firebird sites advise against it.  They say sell the V6 and get a V8 car to begin with.  Pretty much what Jim, Steve and I are saying.

 Yes, I think the only way to do this kind of swap on a Mustang or other vehicle is to find a donor one. It's a big job but it can be done. If you want to buy all the parts separately it will cost you an arm and a leg unless you have connections. Thanks for the link Soaring. I knew the website but never saw this page before :)

Please see my post on the mod board.

 I have seen it and thank you for the write up Xnutt is planing to do. See you in a few weeks when you will be back among us  ;)


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--- Quote from: Soaring on February 18, 2008, 11:47:32 AM ---Yeah, I doubt that Michael will answer since this question was asked about 3 years ago.  ;D And, I didn't mean to sound rude either.  It's just that going from a 2.3 liter 1988 Mustang to a 302 requires a little more than changing out the engine.  We all know that, so let's not argue about the obvious.  The running chassis includes everything under the car that makes it go down the road.  That includes the engine, transmission, rear end and brake system.  That all would have to be upgraded to the V8 version to make the change viable.  If you don't make that change, you are not doing it right.  If all you do is change out the engine and motor mounts, you are just a shade tree mechanic. 

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my apologies.

i agree with the brakes and such. more weight and speed mean more braking is needed for proper stopping.

alot of people don't understand that in order to go carbed you need to either change gas tanks or go aftermarket fuel system i.e. fuel pump and sumped tank as the F.I. tank is different. there are several little things that need done depending on which way the build is being done.

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well to go carb you can just remove the pump and put a hose on the end of the pick up instead:P for the price of about 1$ then add an electric carb pump or a mechanical pump if your timing cover has the provision
as fopr suspension id definitely do the front brakes to at least 87-93 spec but nothing else suspension wise really needs to be changed the 7.5 will live for a while(came stock behind the v8 till 86) and the front springs can be reused they will lower the car about 1 inch(free mod :) ) but an 8.8 with trac loc is an upgrade


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