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64 1/2 Mustang Matching Numbers- Everything matches and shows C5DE 6015-H...Can

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maha22: if this is authentic?
This is supposed to be an original Coupe with all matching numbers, but I don't know if this number series makes sense from what I can see. This belonged to one owner, an old lady that only drove it to the post office.

Is that a 6 cylinder car? And remember, there is no such thing as a "numbers matching Mustang" for 1964 thru 1966. Ford was required to put an identifier on the engine by federal mandate in 1968 (some 1967 engines were marked) but the practice was not followed very well. Nothing else on the car has the VIN a requirement for numbers matching. HP engines are an exception. Individual parts may have been stamped with a date code and that is as close as you can get. It's not perfect, I have a set of early hood hinges stamped 4 26 2 and 4 28 2 that can be used on 1964, 1965 or 1966 Mustangs that were built in May or June.

Yeah, if it doesn't have the VIN stamped on the engine and transmission, it is not a numbers matching Mustang.  Like Jim said, Ford didn't start doing that until 1967.

Well, you are right! After all, this is the first time I am seeing such a description about a mustang which makes me wonder whether this is legitimate or not. After all, there are chances that the car could have been modified along with the numbers. Besides, it seems that there is not any VIN stamped on the engine as well as the transmission! I guess this is pure modification and one thing is that we have to give applause to whoever did this!

These classics have been modified so much over the years that you can't prove any originality for those years.  Unless it's a "K" code it's not worth the research in the first place.  The fact that it is a classic unmolested body gives you the best clue. 


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