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4cyl turbo?

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my brother has a 91 notchback lx. not a nice car but the frame is good. thats the whole reason he bought it. only paid $400 and he says he wants to get a turbo 4cyl engine to put in it. how much hp did this engine have? and where could i find one? i think they came in a mid 80's stang but i'm not sure. i don't know much about it.

Here is what I dug up.

I had a '79 4 cyl. Turbo and it was a hot-sh#t little car for back then.  They also were in the '79 Pace cars.
I know you can start looking for '79 Mustang engines, but I don't know how long they lasted for production.
If I had my choice, I'd stick a 5.0 in it instead of a turbo 4 cyl.  Turbos seem to have a lot of problems attached to them.

thats exactly what he was talking about! 200 hp, and less torque than the v8? i think i'll try to get him to reconsider dropping the 302 in. but its still a pretty cool little engine. wonder if i can find one for sale.

This caught my eye and I thought I would throw a little trivia out/  The 2.3 Turbo engines use 289 Hi po connecting rods-How's that for getting the most out of a part?


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