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4cyl turbo?

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--- Quote from: ror_schach on March 07, 2010, 07:49:15 PM ---thats exactly what he was talking about! 200 hp, and less torque than the v8? i think i'll try to get him to reconsider dropping the 302 in. but its still a pretty cool little engine. wonder if i can find one for sale.

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stock they make about that...with a little more boost over stock you will have more power than a 302ho and  you can easily make way more

a lot of guys run over 450hp out of them 300+ is easy with junkyard parts like a turbo off a dodge truck (t3/t4 hybrid) volvo inter coolers etc

i've found a 2.3 turbo for sale. had 50,000 miles on it. they want $500.  what kind of drivetrain would i want to change to?

well ideally you will have the 5speed but the al4d auto is useable too...

well its got an automatic in it now. but i wanna change the rear end out. one of the brackets that the shock bolts to must have got hit pretty hard cause it stretched the whole. so i was just gonna get another rear end to put in it. if this motor has as much power as the V8, it should be fine if i put a 8.8 rear end in it right? i wanna put a 5 speed in it. but should i use a 4 cyl tranny or a v8 one? i know they're geared differently. i put a 4 cyl tranny in my GT. completely changed the car. the rear end in my GT came out of an explorer. its kind of a frakenstein car.

in all honest id find a complete running T Bird turbocoupe for parts if you havent bought the motor will give you all the wiring Vam meter a 5spd tranny and a 8.8 rear end with disc brakes and 3.55 gears(if you find an auto tbird turbo they have 3.73s factory) also the tbird front brakes are better than the 4cylinder N/A fox brakes and you can use the rear springs and sway bars etc to help the cars handling.........while the mustang uses a clutch cable setup with the 5spd im sure the hydraulic clutch can easily be swapped from a tbird into a mustang since they are both "foxbody" cars


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