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2.3 fuel injectors not opening

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just put a 89 2.3 in a 93 that had a 2.3. Didn't have all the old '93 2.3 parts because the car was stripped of some parts including the relay box , which I purchased used and some of the sensor pulgs are different. When I tried to start it there is no fuel  coming out of the injectors, there is 50 lb +  pressure in the fuel rail. If I spray some fuel or ether into it, it runs. My question where does the injector get its impulse from? for some reason they they are not getting the signal to open.

thanks for any help

Most likely the fuel rail isn't getting any gas.  You may just have a fuel pump issue.  Here's an article that may help understand the system.\

50+ lbs pressure  in the fuel rail with my guage, plenty of gas when I depress the valve when cranking. I'll read the article and see what I can work out

Thanks for the reply

read up on a couple of things, seems the throttle body sensors send a signal to the ecu and being that the 1989 TB will not connect to the '93 wiring, me thinks I need a TB and sensors that fit the 1993 wiring. Anyone got one? If it makes a difference it is a 5 speed car.


OK here is the solution to the fuel injectors not pulsing. Tom on the All Fords forum enlightened me. The red lead on the injectors should have battery on it, whenever the ignition is in the on position. The pulse that activates the injector soleniod is a ground pulse, which opens the injector and allows fuel to enter the cylinder. Mine did not have battery due to some problem in the harness which i am locating, when I hot wired it the engine started and run fine.


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