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1995 v6 swap to a 351w


i gotta 1995 v6 stick shift... with a 8.8 detroit locking rear end... it has the world class t5 transmission and i am wanting to throw in a 351w.. i know its alot of work and money but i wanna do it... i have a few questions that i need to know first....

1. will my k member work for my motor???

2. what will need to be changed in the suspension??

3. will the trans bolt right up just get a 5.0 clutch for it????

and by the way i am going carb with this build....

any help would be awesome and greatly appreciated...

How did this work out for ya?
I assume you have completed the swap.

i doubt hes gonna reply but its a fairly straight forward swap

Yeah, that's a July 2008 post.  We get a lot of first time posters on here who never come back, even to see the answer to their questions, or comment with a thank you. 


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