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Valdosta Mustang Club:
CALLING ALL VALDOSTA AREA MUSTANG ENTHUSIASTS!!! It's what you have all been waiting for and it's finally here! Coming Saturday, March 6th, Valdosta Mustang Club will be joining for its first ever meet. Stay tuned for more exciting information by adding us on myspace/facebook or by joining our announcement list by e-mailing!

Where is Valdosta?  I see you posted in the "South" region, but what state, and what big city is it near?

Glen - you don't know where Valdosta is? It's Georgia, and the birthplace of Doc Holiday.

OK, thanks Jim.  That's too far and snaky for me to make the trip in my 65.  We have a couple of shows coming up in the summer here in Texas.  They are in Austin and Houston. 


If you or anyone you know drives a real fun route please post it on my online route map. I am trying to drive all over this country and possibily the world at some point in my life so I am recording great routes. Please post at the links below. Thanks everyone. I am an advocate for allstate and thus I am using their web pages for my own use. Thanks again

David Lipsky


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