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There is one route in the country that intrigues me. I call it the "Boston to Newport" run via US 20.  Oh, that's "Newport, Oregon".  If you follow US 20 from Boston (it's called the Boston Post Road in Massachusetts) to Oregon, there's only few sections where the route is completely replaced by an Interstate and that's around Boise, Idaho. The rest is two lane rural highway - except Chicago.

I try to stay off the interstates as much as possible, so I can see our great nation before Ike built the interstate highways, and Lady Bird Johnson outlawed billboards in our great state of Texsas.  Remember the Barbasol commercials that were spaced about 200 yards apart?  Whenever I am in California, I take hwy. 101 through the redwood forest and along the coast to see the sea lions.  Whenever I go to the south from Texas, I take the back roads as well, and stop at Hot Springs, Arkansas to get a hot mineral bath.  If you have never had a hotsprings bath, you are miissing one of the the most pleasures our earth can give you.  In Germany and Japan, you go completely nude with both women and men.   ;D

i might wanna get a mineral bath someday. the thing about japan and stuff is awesome and creepy at the same time  :D


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